Disposable Bouffant Cap Manufacturer in India

Bellcross Industries is the most trustworthy Disposable Bouffant Cap Manufacturer in India selling top class hygiene solutions. Being engineered to give best protection, our bouffant cap born for various environmental protection. Certified to global standards, Bellcross now sells high quality products that fulfill industry needs & ensures premium comfort and reliability for professionals between Healthcare and Food as we value excellence.

Also with a demand for ‘Durability’ and ‘Hygiene’, Our Bouffant caps are also trusted by Bellcross as a big vendor of Safety! Maintain your Hygiene levels now with Bellcross Industries – Disposable Bouffant Cap manufacturer in India !


  1. Non Woven/ LDPE material
  2. Blue/ White transparent
  3. Ideal for hotel & household use
  4. Size: 18" - 21"