Adult Diaper Supplier in Mumbai

Bellcross Industries is a top Adult Diaper Supplier in Mumbai for a reason Our adult diapers are made for maximum comfort and protection Bellcross Industries provides users with superior absorbency, use of soft materials and secure fit deliver ultimate ease with odor control, moisture management and skin wellness tailored to fit any situation required in respect of quality, urgency.


Be it hospital or nursing home requirements or for individuals like us, we have all sizes & styles covered for dependable protection you can trust. As the leading Adult Diaper supplier in Mumbai, stay dry with our unmatched value at our competitive pricing supported by unrivalled customer service. These promises to provide unbeatable product availability over a full spectrum designed uniquely for adults’ requirements. Trust the best - trust the premier Adult Diaper supplier in Mumbai.



  1. Size: M/L/XL/XXL
  2. High quality absorption
  3. Comfortable to wear
  4. Pant type